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groganmob being updated. Many documents, photos, all albums are not online.

The information on the site is from many sources, including a number of relatives from around the world who have contributed research, images, and stories. It is hoped that the information here will help others discover their ancestral roots and rediscover their living relatives.

The families of Grogan, Oliver, Smith and Mills are the Grogan mob.

The Grogan and Oliver families

Edward and John Grogan
John Grogan (1859-1889) a sailmaker, of Cork, Ireland emigrated to Sydney, Australia. His wife Ellen and their children followed in 1885 on the "Aberdeen".
Two of their sons were Charles (1880-1951) and Edward (1882-1964)

Edward (standing) and Charles Grogan, 1903.
William Oliver pulpit
William Rothwell Oliver (1828-1893) of Old Swan, West Derby emigrated into Adelaide, South Australia, about 1865, with first wife Louise Clay and their 2 sons.
William, a carpenter and builder, moved his family to Melbourne, in 1887, where he carved the pulpit at St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne.

Charles Grogan maried Agnes Anne (1885-1973), the daughter of the second marriage of William Oliver and Mary Donahue

The Smith and Mills families

Alfred Smith

William Smith (1817-1905) of Crowmarsh Gifford, Oxfordshire, England emigrated to Port Phillip, Victoria on the 7th Jan 1849, on "Maitland" with his wife Mary Wilder. Their first child, Stephen (1850-1909) was born in Melbourne.

Stephen's son Alfred Stephen Smith (1884-1938), is photographed here in 1909, in Brighton, Victoria.

Stephen Mills (1845-1914) of Cornamuckla, County Longford, Ireland emigrated to Australia about 1873 to farm around Hay, New South Wales.

Stephen's sons, Clive and Thomas with the station horse and cart at "Burrabrye". Mills Clive and Thomas

Alfred Stephen Smith married Amy Martha (1889-1945), the daughter of the second marriage to Stephen Mills and Winnie Davis.

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